Saturday, August 29, 2009

Website Woes!

This week’s techno-debacle involved uploading updates to my main website, I freely admit, I hadn’t changed the site content for some time. But I was quite surprised when I tried to upload my changed pages and it didn’t work. In the intervening months, the host server had changed several procedures, and for some reason, I was unaware of the changes. After exhausting all the FAQs on the server’s website, I had no better idea of what I needed to do.

It was time to call technical support. I made the call, explained my issues, and a very friendly man with a very thick accent listened. He told me he would send me the IP number where my folders reside. And he did just that. But when I typed it into my program, although it appeared to upload, there was absolutely no change to my website presence what-so-ever.

I decided to type the IP number directly into the address bar to see where it went. It took me to a dive shop in Bimini!

Tonight, I called tech support again. I explained to the nice man that the information I had been given the night before had not worked, and that I needed more help. He checked my website and told me that the files had uploaded, but were not in the correct folder to show up online. He moved the files for me, then set up the system to automatically place my uploads in the correct folder. Now it works like a charm!

And so my weekdays end on a positive note!