Sunday, January 31, 2016

New Year, New Me? We'll see!

Well, once again I have been duly chastised for neglecting my blog.  This is not a deliberate omission on my part, but the result of too many activities, not enough hours in my day, mental exhaustion, and too many other excuses to count.  One of those many activities is the running of a writers group called Water’s Edge Writers Meet-up.  A new member of the group, Vicki K, who quit her corporate job last year to pursue writing, promised herself to blog every day for an entire year.  As of this past Wednesday, she had five days left to reach that goal.  I have to say, I am impressed with her diligence and perseverance.
Another member, Margie DeLong, spent a year visiting the Grand River every day and keeping a journal of her experiences along the river and interviews with people who lived near its banks.  Her book, GrandObservations is now available on

I admit it.  I have yet to muster the discipline to blog every day.  I also don’t put much stock in that rule everyone espouses that writers have to write every day.  I think it’s nice if you can, but I think most writers don’t.  Not writing every day doesn’t make you a failure as a writer.  It makes you a creative human being who produces art when inspired, not on demand.
But, I am inspired by my writing friends who are more disciplined than I am; therefore, I will make an attempt to write something on my blog daily, even if I am not inspired to write at all!