Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Palin, Obama, and the Food Fight Polarizing the Country? Puleeeeze!

People argue and fight over the most stupid of things, but this one takes the cake. Sarah has gone after Michelle Obama whose goal is to encourage us to give our kids healthier lives. Hmmm.

When I see an overweight or obese child, my heart breaks for them in the way it only can for someone who has been there. I was a chubby kid who never “grew out of” the supposed baby fat. I went from being a fat kid to being a fat teen to being a fat adult. I can tell you from personal experience that it wasn’t because I wanted to be fat. For me it went from baby fat to a life-long struggle that seems to have no end.

By the time President Kennedy was in office and started his “fitness” initiatives, I was already a fat preteen and well set in my ways and in my habits. I also, evidently, inherited the propensity for weight gain. Some kids are naturally thin. I wasn’t.

“Get out there and exercise,” they said. Who wants to cover their obvious obesity in a funky little gym suit and shake and parade in front of other people? Bad enough as an adult; much worse as a child or a teenager when all you want to do is hide, or be “sick” on gym day.

Considering how many obese kids are living in the U.S. at present, it is obvious that there are parents out there who don't feed their children in the wisest of ways or who can't afford appropriate nutrition for their kids. Those parents need education, support and help to learn to make appropriate choices for their kids. After all, most parents aren't taught how to parent, they just fall into the job.

Michelle Obama is doing a service for the American public by shedding light on what it takes to help kids become healthier without demoralizing them. She has never said they can’t have dessert, just that they need to eat healthier, be taught how to make informed choices, and to move more. Those aren’t exactly “fightin’ words” unless you’re Sarah Palin.

I find it disgusting that Palin, who obviously wants to be the next President, seems to get pleasure at picking such things to pounce on. As far as I can tell in my research, she’s never had an original political thought or idea that I can find. If you’re going to pick an issue, Mrs. Palin, perhaps you should find one of your own you can back up rather than pouncing on other’s attempts at good just to keep your name in the news.

And as far as weight issues, obviously those S’mores have done their damage for Bristol, who after months of dancing still couldn’t shed her excess weight. Now that she’s not dancing anymore, the poor kid will have to starve herself to death to keep from gaining more pounds.

I know. I’ve been there.