Friday, December 17, 2010

One Stop Plus...

Thank goodness for on-line shopping! Those items that I did not find in the excursion to Walmart, I managed to order on-line with guaranteed arrival before Christmas. This is a good thing because I really hate to shop! I would much rather be making those cookies I’ve been slaving over than brave the stores and the crowds. Wrapping will be at a minimum and I can now stop fretting over the gift issue.

After last week’s Christmas caroling at the local IGA (while ringing the bell at the kettle), the choir members are planning to sing with St. Mary’s choir at Emeritus Senior Living in Mentor on Saturday. This will be followed by a dinner at Damon’s, and then a drive to Chagrin Falls to see my coworker Matt Mortensen in a production of “Annie” at Chagrin Valley Little Theater. Hopefully I won’t get “Tomorrow” stuck in my head and spend the next week trying to shake it loose. With the chill in the air, I’m keeping my throat in turtlenecks and scarves or I’ll be sounding like Kermit by the time I have to sing for Christmas services. Warm climates are sounding rather appealing right now!

One last stop will be at Home Depot. Twice in the last several months, I have lost my balance in the dark in the bathroom at night and reached out to find the towel bar, which bent in the middle the first time, but now is broken almost through on one end. Time to get replacements. I tried Walmart, but their towel rod selection only went to 24 inches and of course, this one is 30. To keep from having to patch the wall, I think I’ll stick to the same size. And it would be good to fix it before Christmas.

Dinner looks like it will be 16 for sit down. I will be on the turkey hunt today as well. I think I’ll try to get about a 20 lb Tom Turkey. The last one we had was the best turkey I’ve ever eaten. And to think all these years we always bought hen turkeys! I was so busy after Thanksgiving, I don’t think I had a single bite of the left-over turkey and it is my favorite thing about the holidays.

Time to head out!