Friday, December 3, 2010

Granville Restaurant Review

For anyone passing through Granville, Ohio, I have three recommendations.

If you are looking for a great homemade soup, The Soup Loft on Broadway, right in the middle of downtown Granville, was quite good. They had a regular menu of soups with three or four additional soups available each day on a rotating basis. I had a bowl of the chicken with acini, but the tomato bisque with goat cheese, the black bean with red rice, and the turkey chili sounded good and smelled terrific.

For a light dinner, The Junta Club has a nice variety of wines and will custom build your Panini sandwich. They price the sandwich on the number of ounces of meat you order, then you have lists of additional items that you choose to add. Sandwiches can be ordered cold or Panini pressed.

For a lovely dinner, try The Short Story Brasserie. It seems to serve an eclectic French cuisine. I ordered a crusty baked macaroni and cheese with black Italian truffles and lobster (though I had them hold the lobster). I finished off the meal with a chocolate soufflé with a heavy cream poured in the center. It was delicious!

On my next trip down I will try The Granville Inn for dinner (which looks extremely overpriced) and Nona’s Italian Ristorante for lunch.