Thursday, May 13, 2010

Quilts and Torch Singing

As luck would have it, my plan for the beach scene baby quilt went right down the tubes when I learned that the color/design scheme for the baby’s room is zoo critters. Old Robbie Burns was correct about the best laid plans of mice and men…

Gone is the need for the beautiful bright blues, reds and yellows I purchased. Lions and tigers (and bears, oh my!) require more earth tones. Now I need to rethink, redesign, and acquire new, appropriate materials for the project. Or I may have to change to a venue other than a quilt. The wheels are churning.

Just in case I find myself lacking for something else to do with my time, I am seriously considering making a king-sized, quilted bed cover as a gift for some dear friends. I’ve already begun researching stained glass window patterns that I might be able to adapt for the center design block. The remainder of the quilt would be built around it. It has to be a spectacular focal point with materials surrounding it that complement and enhance the design without clashing. The wheels are churning on this project as well.

On another topic, I was distressed at the passing of vocal diva Lena Horne. No one lives forever and intellectually I know this to be true. But the world will be a lesser place without Lena. The woman had looks and a voice that could stop traffic. She was an outspoken activist for civil and human rights, was instrumental in breaking racial barriers, and she was active until her passing at the age of 92. I am fairly certain she is singing with the angels as of this writing. I think of her as the ultimate in torch singers. I always wanted to try my hand at it, but I was so short and heavy that the weight of the sequins on the signature full-length gown was prohibitive!