Saturday, May 1, 2010

Now I've gone and done it!

I bought material today. I have this drive to make a quilt. I've made a number of them over the past 20 years, but not recently because of the time crunch I seem to find myself living in constantly. I told myself, as I headed into the quilt shop, that a baby quilt won't take too long to make. My time limit is mid July...the person for whom I'm making said baby quilt is due a few weeks later.

I have a notion to make a beach scene, with a sail boat, sun, clouds, sand bucket...something youthful, but boyish enough that it won't be tossed aside when the kid turns 5. Buying more material was a bit of overkill. I already have an industrial-size, rolling storage bin in the attic filled with material. In case you have difficulty imagining the actual size of that bin, suffice it to say I've always been a proponent of the adage "she who dies with the most material wins."

Now the question is, will I have the time to design, template the parts, assemble the quilt top, and get all the actual quilting done within my time limit, given the other stuff I'm doing at present? I will accept all suggestions for time-saving shortcuts to getting this project completed in time. While waiting for those suggestions, I guess I'll get started on drawing up that design!