Thursday, April 29, 2010

Holmes on Homes

Speaking of Holmes on Homes…are you a fan? I love this guy! He and his crew go into peoples’ homes and fix what incompetent or nefarious contractors have screwed up or left unfinished. I am amazed at the shoddy workmanship that goes on, not to mention the fact that these shyster companies want to be paid even though the job is not finished or is so poorly done as to be disgraceful. Even more unbelievable are the ones that take the money, make a mess and leave…with no forwarding address.

Mike Holmes reminds me of my father. “If you’re going to do the job, if you’re going to charge for the job, do it right.” My father was the most forthright, honest, hardworking man I’ve ever met. He didn’t suffer fools and he didn’t tolerate not doing your very best.

Mike Holmes is a craftsman, just like my father. Measure twice, cut once. Making it right the first time out is so much easier that fixing someone else’s mistakes. If you haven’t watched Holmes on Homes on HGTV, make the effort to do so. You won’t be sorry.

I think this should be required viewing for any high school kid, if for no other reason than to demonstrate the value of doing it right the first time and showing how devastating it can be to end up on the receiving end of shoddy work and criminal intent. It’s a visual lesson in ethics…something our kids could definitely use!