Saturday, January 14, 2012

I so want to write something positive...

…but, I’m having some difficulty here. River Road in Perry pretty much got buried. We are somewhere between 28 and 36 inches deep in the white stuff. When last we checked it was still snowing at about an inch an hour, somewhat preferable to the previous 2 inches per hour from this morning and last night (a huge negative).

On the positive note, I made an excellent pork roast for dinner (positive). Tomorrow we will be having tuna noodle casserole (positive). 
Although my broken wrist seems to be healed (a positive), I blew the tendons in my right knee out last Wednesday (a negative). There is a reason, as in no hip rotation. Sooooo it looks like a total hip replacement is on the horizon (negative, but eventually positive).

I have been ordered to walk with a cane to relieve stress on the hip (a positive and negative) and promptly managed to break my toe…by whacking it into the cane (a negative). I had to consciously stop myself from laughing at the absolute irony of breaking my toe on the cane meant to help, before my ribs started to ache.

I will end on a positive, though. I just wrote this blog while sipping a nice glass of my homemade Amarone. Wow, this wine is smooth!