Sunday, February 12, 2012

Okay, the New Year’s resolution to blog weekly…

Has pretty much hit the skids. I rather thought once the holidays were behind me that life would quiet down and I would have time to accomplish something other than work, dinner, grocery shopping, and laundry. Who was I kidding? Like the rest of life, you have time for those things that you MAKE time for; it never just falls into line without a specific plan. I am getting more accomplished on a daily basis using my Action Machine. But I still need to define my plans better. Even then, things happen that just can’t be helped. But with a more detailed plan, maybe one can keep things from getting too far out of hand.

Today I began moving my stuff downstairs. My whole life has to be relocated to accommodate upcoming surgery. No stair climbing for two months minimum post-op. Clothes, office supplies, computer, printer, printing supplies, all my bills, extra checks, meds, toiletries, etc., all have to be moved. The list seems endless. Just one more thing to keep me from my writing tasks, but never fear…once I get home from the hospital I will become a writing machine! I have lots of projects to complete during my medical leave.

Every week is a new adventure!