Sunday, January 9, 2011

...And Sometimes Reality Bites!

New Year’s Eve came and went, but when it came, it was accompanied by a flaming sore throat and the croup. When it went, the sore throat and croup stayed behind. Carrie Crooner-Capone did more croaking than crooning for the evening’s event, and all the wine in the world wasn’t going to fix the voice! Of course, as I was to be the “distracting” force to keep everyone’s eyes away from the scene of the first murder, my truly ”interesting” rendition of “Dream a Little Dream of Me” while sounding like Kermit on hormones managed did do the trick! In spite of my deteriorating condition, the Murder Mystery Night was a complete success.

It was pretty much downhill from there for the weekend. By Monday morning, I was in such bad shape that I got up early and arrived at the doctor’s office with no appointment, asking for help. The rest of the week was a bit of a blur as I started a Z-pack on Wednesday night and finished it off a few minutes ago.

The voice has still not recovered, though I did manage to clean out and organize the kitchen pantry, two cupboards, and the freezer above my fridge, so this weekend has not been an entire loss. I will now attempt, once again, to make some progress on cleaning my office. Quite frankly, I think the clutter breeds while I’m sleeping or at work. I can’t possibly create this much junk in a few weeks, can I?

I’m going to try the technique of starting in one corner and working my way around the room. I just have to pick a corner in which to start! I know that in order to succeed at doing the things I wish to accomplish in the next few months, I need to be “uber” organized at home. For me, there is nothing worse than attempting to get something done in a space that is stacked with papers and “stuff” that doesn’t belong.

Spring cleaning comes early to my domain!