Monday, May 9, 2016

Nothing Like a Political Time Bomb

Well, once again, it’s been far too long since I posted here.  Work has been a prohibiting factor for the last several months.  These 9 to 10 hour days are taking a toll.  Also, I‘ve just been diagnosed with some pretty severe anemia, which is only exacerbating the whole fatigue situation.  My life has become a never-ending rolling wheel of work, eat, sleep, repeat.  No brain power seems to come forth when I place myself in front of this screen.  I need to get back to my creative self…soon!

So here it is, Mother’s Day.  I’m not planning anything of import.  Chris is not making it home from New Jersey.  Meredith is busily doing nothing as Gary and the kids provide her with her every need.  Jim went out to Mentor Headlands to conduct some walking pole business.  Although I truly enjoy being home alone, I decided a change of scenery would help dig up a bit of the creativity I’ve been missing of late.  As a result, I’m sitting here at Hundley Cellars, drinking a lovely Traminette, eating the best soft pretzels around, and listening to bluegrass background music as I type.

Now to what’s been happening while I’ve been living life in a zombie-like state.

Politically, could we be in any worse shape?  Donald Trump is now the presumptive Republican candidate.  Only in America could such a complete travesty occur.  He is a candidate with zero political experience.  He is a businessman who has repeatedly declared bankruptcy to avoid paying business debts (he’s a whole lot better at playing the system for millions than the typical food stamp recipient…but then again, using the system is okay for him but not for anyone of lesser stature).  He riles his followers with extremely base and vile rhetoric.  He has no decency, no charm, no honesty.  He spews misogyny, profanity, vulgar innuendo, racism, and prejudice in all its forms, bringing out the worst in those who think he is some kind of savior.  Let me clue you in, Trump followers.  He has no clue what your problems are and he has no intention of solving them.  He seeks only his own power.  He is a narcissist who would be even happier if he could turn the presidency into a dictatorship.  He is the man who would be king.  Stop for a moment and listen to what he is actually saying about the issues…when asked a question, he can barely repeat the question back much less form a coherent response.  My mother, when she was in the throes of dementia, could answer any question in a more lucid fashion.

What is the answer?  Regardless of your political affiliation, the only way to keep Trump out of the White House is to vote for whichever Democrat comes out on top in the convention.  

Well, Bernie is a socialist, you say.  He has been in the senate for years, and although controversial, I believe he has the best interests of the American people at heart.  As we all know, without the backing of congress, the majority of his socialist programs will never come to fruition.
Well, Hillary is a criminal, you say.  And yet those charges have not been proven.  And unless she was selling secrets to the enemy in those emails, they likely had no impact on our security.  As for Benghazi, the republicans refused to increase funding for security at our foreign embassies, not to mention that, attacks on American diplomats at their homes, driving to their embassy, or at the actual embassy or consulate during the Bush administration totaled 39.  In 20 of those attacks, at least 1 person was killed, but saying that is misleading when the total number of fatalities was actually 87.  They were a blip on the radar.  Each of these attacks was labeled a tragedy and the blame was placed on those who precipitated the attacks, not on those in Washington.  Were mistakes made in Benghazi? Probably.  Was it a criminal offense on the part of Secretary of State Clinton?  So far no investigation in the many investigations that have been conducted has found any wrong doing.
Who is more qualified, Hillary or Bernie?  Hands down Hillary.  Former first lady, former senator, former Secretary of State, she has a huge amount of experience with foreign diplomats and government officials.  And I think she has proven that she can handle adversity and come out on top.
Like Hillary or don’t like her.  Like Bernie or don’t like him.  One or the other is the only viable option for keeping the Trump lunacy out of the White House.