Saturday, January 24, 2015

Redux - more office purging success!

Ten days since my last progress report.  Progress is the key word here.  The amount of paper removed from my office, in the form of scrap, newspaper, magazines, catalogs and other things piling up, now totals about 150 pounds.  You would think I had a hoarder’s room with that kind of number, but much of it was confined in drawers and old files I no longer needed to keep but had not yet discarded.  It is truly amazing how heavy paper can be.
My work table is now completely purged, along with a desktop utility shelf, a rolling book shelf, four of the five shelves on the computer desk, the file desk file drawer, the clutter under the work table, my rolling file and the floor to ceiling storage shelf.  I also cleaned out the rolling file, gathered all my tax paperwork for last year into one box (though it isn’t sorted yet), and filed all the paid bills and receipts for 2015 so far.

And, most importantly, I finally framed and hung the papal blessing from Pope Francis!  His is directly beneath the one from Pope Benedict.  Actually, it is pretty cool.  After all, I don’t know another person who has a papal blessing, in writing, from one pope, much less two…seems “A Mystery in the Mailbox” made an impression on both of them.

But regarding the purge, I have about 1/3 of the office to go.  I will attack that section once I sort all my tax stuff so I can get to the preparer quickly when my W2 and my 1099’s arrive.  I hereby declare that I will NOT be filing my taxes in April this year!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Progress promised

I can hardly believe it myself, but I made actual progress today.  All recycle materials have been cleared from the room (pop bottles), and I believe I removed about 60 # of paper, newspaper, magazines and catalogs.  I managed to get some things sorted and filed.  I still have a way to go.
I did clear enough space to hand feed postcard stock into my printer and I replaced the cartridges.  So I managed to get 120 cards printed for my recipients!

All in all it was a good day!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

12 Days Post-New Year....hmmm

Since last I sat here to write, much has happened, yet little has been accomplished.  Although, we did manage to undecorate the house, and I actually purged my ornament boxes of things broken and sorted out a small box of treasured ornaments to pass on to my daughter.  I really felt I had to “downsize” at least a little.  I gave in and purchased a new ornament for myself this year (something I swore I would not do), and I was given two new ornaments as gifts.  The tree is not getting any bigger, so a few things had to go.  Now if only I could manage to do this in every room of the house, life would be simpler.

My office has still not been completely purged.  I have not yet found the other ornaments I was looking for last week.  I’m starting to think the paper in this office has nothing better to do than reproduce itself at a phenomenal rate every time I vacate the premises for an hour.  And now I am searching for the wall calendars I bought for the office and kitchen.
I’m fairly sure they are hiding with those secreted ornaments.

I have sworn myself to progress today.  I’ll write a progress report before my head hits the pillow tonight!