Sunday, January 11, 2015

12 Days Post-New Year....hmmm

Since last I sat here to write, much has happened, yet little has been accomplished.  Although, we did manage to undecorate the house, and I actually purged my ornament boxes of things broken and sorted out a small box of treasured ornaments to pass on to my daughter.  I really felt I had to “downsize” at least a little.  I gave in and purchased a new ornament for myself this year (something I swore I would not do), and I was given two new ornaments as gifts.  The tree is not getting any bigger, so a few things had to go.  Now if only I could manage to do this in every room of the house, life would be simpler.

My office has still not been completely purged.  I have not yet found the other ornaments I was looking for last week.  I’m starting to think the paper in this office has nothing better to do than reproduce itself at a phenomenal rate every time I vacate the premises for an hour.  And now I am searching for the wall calendars I bought for the office and kitchen.
I’m fairly sure they are hiding with those secreted ornaments.

I have sworn myself to progress today.  I’ll write a progress report before my head hits the pillow tonight!