Friday, December 18, 2015

Conquering the "List"

I normally don’t do a “what I did today” blog.  This is the exception.  I stayed home this morning, and after making my typical breakfast sandwich, I set a list of tasks and times on my Action Machine.  In that 4-hour space:

1)            I cleaned my office work table of excess paper and detritus, then
2)            I printed out postcards for the eight people in my project,
3)            I made labels for all my Christmas cards and got them written out and ready to mail,
4)            I went through my bill box and wrote checks for what was due.
Then I got cleaned up and dressed and headed out for the running part of the day.

5)            That included the post office to buy stamps and mail the morning’s work, then
6)            a trot into Mentor where I picked up a few things at GFS,
7)            a wee bit of food and drink,
8)            a stop at Catherine’s to pick up an order I had shipped-to-store,
9)            a stop at Staples to get special labels for Meredith’s new homemade lip scrub and lip gloss,
10)        a quick hit at Aldi for gift bags,
11)        a stop at the bank,
12)        a stop at Convenient for much needed liquid caffeine, then
13)        picked up dinner at Glenda’s. 
14)        I made a double batch of raisin cookie dough after dinner, and
15)        after I finish this blog post
16)        I will finish my gift wrapping
17)        And print up Meredith’s labels (she has a craft show on Sunday)

All in all, it was a most productive day!  I just hope I can be as successful in my tasks the rest of the weekend.