Friday, November 4, 2011

I tied with Jesus for 3rd Place!

The annual Halloween bash “officially named Scary Okee” at Your Vine or Mine was held last Saturday.  A grand time was had by all.  Nothing unusual about that, mind you.  The costumes were great!  Joe and Linda (who won first place) came as a Zanesville cop and a lion with a monkey on her shoulder.  It really was quite creative.  Second place went to Jacky Gilbert for his “Bad Santa” outfit.  Third place went to me and Jesus!  I was wonderfully outfitted in full scrubs, including booties, gloves, mask and headgear, a stethoscope and a lovely jar with a partial “brain” called “Abby Normal,” all necessary for Dr. Betsy, the brain surgeon.  I have to say I was truly honored to be recognized as the equal of Jesus, a giant of a man with full robes, hair and beard.  I am quite sure that I'll never manage to be his equal again.