Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Obama Speech and other School Controversy...

Okay guys and gals, let’s take off our hysteria garments and talk about the evil plot of President Obama to influence the children of the United States and use them to push his evil agenda in front of their parents!

God knows, having a President actually speak to the kids about “the importance of staying in school and doing their homework and making everyone proud” is the most insidious of left wing plots! Never been done before…oh wait, unless you count President Ronald Regan doing it or President George HW Bush doing it. But in those cases, there was no agenda, no evil plot. After all, Regan and Bush simply gave speeches that talked to kids about “the importance of staying in school and doing their homework and making everyone proud.” Didn’t I just hear that somewhere else???

The extreme right has no shame whatsoever. It will say anything and do anything to instill fear in the minds of the public to further its own political intentions.

The people who spew this fear-mongering crap at the public should be flogged. And those who suck it in and believe it…well, that’s what Darwin Awards are all about…those who are so incredibly moronic as to make us wish they could never procreate. I saw one hysterical mother crying and screaming at a newsperson “How could the school do this to my child?” You would think the school locked her kid in a room with a convicted child molester.

People this idiotic form the largest herd of sheep the U.S.A. has ever known. These are the ones who believe because some right-wing bigot with a radio show told them to believe. And the number of mindless wool producers in that herd is numerous enough to provide a nice warm sweater to every person on the planet!

Locally, some 8 year old took a BB gun to school. He pulled it out and pointed it at two other 8 year olds. They went and told the principal. The offending child was suspended from school and the BB gun was taken away. But the school failed to immediately inform the parents of the two 8 year olds that were “terrorized” by a fellow 8 year old.

Both parents were on the news berating the school officials for their lack of action. The one woman was actually saying, “This is the worst possible thing a school could do,” with tears in her eyes. Now, the BB gun was never fired. The two kids did not seem at all upset when interviewed, much less “terrorized.” The offender was punished. I’m not saying that this could not have turned into a serious situation, but the evil school, neglected to immediately inform the parents that their child was...fine. Let’s make a mountain out of a mole hill.